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ELUL 3830

by AnimaeNoctis

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My name is Joseph, the son of Matthias. By birth a Hebrew… a priest also. I am who at first fought against the Romans, and was forced to be present at what was done afterwards. Well, I’m the author of this work.
L’Shana Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim! One of the soldiers was hurried on by a certain divine fury and set fire to a golden window. The flames went upward, the Jews made a great clamor, such as so mighty an affliction required, and ran together to prevent it; and now they didn’t spare their lives any longer, and they didn’t suffer anything to restrain their force, since that holy House was perishing.
Now round about the altar lay dead bodies piled one upon another. At the steps going up to it, ran a great quantity of their blood, while also the dead bodies that were slain above fell down. And now, Caesar was no way able to restrain the enthusiastic fury of the soldiers.The hope of plunder induced many soldiers to go on. They had this opinion: all the places within were full of money, and all round about it was made of gold. The flame burst out from within the holy House, when the commanders retired, and Caesar with them, and when nobody any longer forbade the soldiers to set fire to it. And the holy House burnt down. Without Caesar’s approbation.
The Romans became masters of the walls, they placed their ensigns upon the towers, made joyful acclamations for the victory. They had found the end of this war much lighter than its beginning. They saw nobody to oppose them, so they stood in doubt: what could such an unusual solitude mean? They set fire to the houses and burnt every soul in them.
Extinguished 02:26
They stood in a horror at this sight, and went out without touching anything. They had this commiseration for the dead, but not the same for those that were still alive. The dead obstructed the lanes with their bodies, and made the whole city run down with blood, to such a degree that the fire of many of the houses was extinguished with these men’s blood.
Si oblitus fuero tui, JERUSALEM, oblivioni detur dextera mea. Adhaereat lingua mea faucibus meis, si non meminero tui; si non proposuero JERUSALEM in principio laetitiae meae. If I forget thee, O JERUSALEM, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.
All 02:14
And truly so it happened upon JERUSALEM. The slayers left off at the evening, and the fire prevailed and prevailed in the night. JERUSALEM suffered from so many miseries during this siege. And now you just cannot say that JERUSALEM would have been the envy of the world. That’s all, man? That’s all.
And truly so it happened upon Jerusalem
Zum letzenmal Psychologie! No more psychology!
Lekhah dodi likrat kala, p’nei Shabbat n’kabelah! Shamor v’zachor b’dibur echad, Hishmi’anu el ha’meyuchad. Adonai echad u’shmo echad; L’shem ul’tiferet v’l’tehila. Likrat Shabbat l’chu v’nelcha, Ki hi m’kor ha’bracha. Me’rosh mi’kedem n’sucha; Sof ma’aseh b’mach’shava t’chila. Mikdash melech, ir m’lucha, Kumi, tze’i mi’toch ha’hafecha. Rav lach shevet b’emek ha’bacha; V’hu yachmol alai’yich chemla. Hitna’ari me’afar kumi, Livshi bigdei tifartech ami. Al yad ben Yishai beit haLachmi; Karva el nafshi g’ala. Hit’oreri, hit’oreri, Ki va orech, kumi uri. Uri, uri, shir daberi; K’vod Adonai alai’yich nigla.


Jerusalem and the Second Temple fell in September 70: Elul 3830 in the Hebrew calendar. 1950 years ago ROMA's violence decided to destroy Jerusalem. That was not AMOR. 1950 years after, this album is dedicated to the ancient siege and massacre of Elul 3830. That's for sure. But we know that a transnational & transhistorical community of victims is calling us. Lots of eerie imperia - the empires - act impiously on the dashboard of history.

An antique Latin policy was used to say that ROMA is AMOR. It means that Rome is Love. Well, one cannot honestly say that plenty of ART is a plague RAT. LOVE and ART are vibrant.

Our music is but the memory of these events. And not only of a singular event.

Download booklet for free: lottadiclassico.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/elul3830.pdf


released September 11, 2020

Silvia Marcantoni Taddei: electric guitar, classical guitar, kazoo, recorder, cithara, tambourine, voice

Massimo Sannelli: harmonica, melodica, broken recorder, toy piano, organ (Mascioni 1914), rubber woodpecker, voice

Special guests:

Haim Fabrizio Cipriani: violin (track 9)

Guillaume Apollinaire: voice (track 10)
Paul Celan: voice (tracks 3, 10)
Franz Kafka: words (track 9)

Music and words on track 10 by Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz.

Cover artwork by Daniel Rothbart (www.danielrothbart.org).


all rights reserved




AnimaeNoctis is a shapeshifting duo, an amuseable factory & a multimedia agency: Silvia Marcantoni Taddei and Massimo Sannelli.

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